What to expect

I get it: Film is an investment, and making the commitment can feel scary: Is it worth it? Will I look awkward on camera? Will I like the film? Knowing exactly what you’re getting out of a Bébé film can help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

You’ll tell me about your family

Fear not: I’m not just going to show up and wing it. I’m going to get to know you and your family before I ever press that record button. We’ll meet for a virtual coffee date, so you can tell me all about your family, their personalities, likes and dislikes, so I go in feeling like an old friend.

I’ll be your new BFF

I want you to feel like you can call, text or email me like you would your BFF. Renting a boat for your long weekend at the lake? Text me a photo. I want to share in the excitement with you—and I want you to feel so familiar with me, you’ll forget I’m even filming you and your family. 

You’ll get comfortable in front of the camera

Deep breath: You and your family will not feel awkward on camera, promise. I know it can feel weird being on camera, but I’m here to make you feel comfortable on and off camera. We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, we’ll have fun. It’ll feel more like an average day with a familiar friend (who happens to be holding a camera).

I’ll get all the best footage

Trust, I’m not going to include footage of your husband belching. I’m with you for 2 to 3 hours because I want to ease you into being on camera—and so I have plenty of footage to work with, too. I’ll cull it down to only the most flattering, precious, screen-worthy, mom-approved moments. (Plus, your littles are really the stars of the show!)

You’ll feel grateful you hired a professional

The whole point of hiring a professional is professional results. As a trained videographer, I know how to frame, shoot, edit, colour-correct and score every moment to perfection. So, it’s up to you: A DIY home video or a forever film of your favourite memories that may or may not make you cry every time you watch it? (I’m thinking the latter.)