Slo-mo Cake Smash Film


Slo-mo cake smash films are a fun way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday! Even if your baby doesn't really enjoy the cake, the bath time portion is sure to get some great smiles and splashes!

Included in film session:

  • Set decoration (theme & colour of your choice)

  • 1-2 hr filming session at my Sidney studio

  • Smashes are held on Mon, Tues or Thurs

Cake not included


Moving Portrait Film


Moving Portrait film sessions are between 1.5-2 hours and consist of lots of exploring, games, and fun. There is no pressure for kids to perform or be anything but themselves, and that goes for you guys too! They are a great way to capture milestone moments in your families lives.

Ideas to film

  • Newborn’s first days at home; capturing their tiny feet, little sound, meeting siblings

  • Your child’s birthday (any age); interview them and ask them how their year was.

  • A video of your family enjoying an activity that is really special to you e.g a walk your family loves, playing at the beach, playing at the park, you name it!


Family Film


Day-in-the-life film sessions take place in your home, starting about 3 hours before bedtime, or 3 hrs in the morning and take place on a Friday or a Saturday.  

These films are the ultimate keepsake for your family.

My aim is to capture your family as you are, right now. Think about watching this 25 years from now and hearing your babies little voice, seeing the looks you give each other, and of course their laugh! These videos allow us to remember this very precious moment in time.

If you love the idea of capturing real, authentic moments of this time in your life with your littles, then this is the session for you.


2. Pick your editing package.



Available for:
Cake Smash, Moving Portrait & Family Film


  • Film is edited to music, with minimal sound ups from family members

  • Includes sourcing 1 royalty free song

  • Average length of film is 1-2 minutes


Montage + Voiceover

Available for:
Cake Smash, Moving Portrait & Family Film


  • Includes a written and spoken Voice Over by parent or child

  • Includes sourcing up-to 2 royalty free songs

  • Average length of film is 1-3 minutes


Mini Doc w/ interview

Available for:
Family films only


  • I will interview up-to two people during the filming session about your thoughts on right now to really capture the essence of your family.

  • I will go through the interview(s) footage and cut down/edit together the most cohesive answers that best tell the story of your family (also removing any ums and ahs)

  • Includes sourcing up-to 3 royalty free songs

  • Average length of film is 3-4 minutes