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Where are you located?


I feel so lucky to call Victoria, BC home and to say that I am an “islander”. But to the local islanders, specifically we are in North Saanich and living the quieter life now that we have our son Jax.


Do you travel?

You bet! I take on a limited number of travel film sessions per year because travelling with my son (or leaving him behind) ain't easy! I usually pick a location and the week that I will be in town; from there I book a few films for that week. So hey, if you and a few friends each want a film, holla at me - we can make it happen.


Do you do photography, or photo only sessions?

I am not a photographer, but I am a videographer, so the film comes firs! However, I always include 10+ stills/screenshots from the film that act like photos. So they are always a welcomed bonus!


How long have you been doing videography? Do you do it full time, or do you have other jobs?

Even though I only launched Bebe Films in April 2019, I opened a promo video company, Bottega Creative, in 2009 (which my husband now runs and is killing it!). I actually accidentally discovered video editing in grade 10 in 2003 when I signed up for the wrong class, but that led me to film school, which led me to start Bottega Creative, a promo video company, in 2009 when I graduated.

And I am a full-time Momma, and this is the only job outside of my mumming it up that I have - I also help my husband with his video stuff from time-to-time.


What happens after I book?

After you book your session, then I send you a questionnaire and we get on the phone to chat. Included in your session fee is a phone consult with me to plan your session around what’s the most meaningful to you. I’ll ask you questions that will give me details I need to know about your family, and help you decide what parts of your everyday life you want to capture in a film. The responses I’ve had from clients I’ve worked with before is that the kids cry when they watch their film almost as much as the parents do. It is an investment you’ll never regret making. It’s the story of your family, through the lens of a mother who feels as deeply as you do that time is slipping away too quickly.


Why book a film session?

Because in 30 years from now, your children deserve to have a glimpse of what everyday life was like when they were little. Because in 30 years from now, YOU deserve to be reminded of how far you’ve come, and how much of yourself you gave to your kids. Exploring nature, braiding unruly hair, cooking meals together, snuggling in bed, kissing imaginary bruises, washing tiny babies, building forts in the lounge room, playing, and living together as a family. These are all the things that make up the magic of childhood and deserve to be documented and treasured for forever and ever.


What will the session be like? We've only done family photo sessions in the past, will it be like that?

I capture moments naturally as they unfold, and although it might feel a little weird at first having me there while you go about your normal life I promise you'll get comfortable quickly. With video, it's easiest for everyone if we make a plan for your session together beforehand, and then you take the lead by just doing your thing together while I shoot what organically unfolds. But don't worry only the very best, most important moments will end up in the completed film. It won't be a montage of your child's temper tantrums (unless you want that! Although I'm guessing you don't). I'm less like a photographer asking you to smile at the camera, and more like a friend hanging out with you who just happened to bring their camera along. The best part about that is, there's no pressure for the kids to behave or look perfect. You can simply relax and be yourselves, and leave the rest to me. For moving portrait and keepsake sessions, I do give a little bit more guidance, especially if there's specific audio that you want to capture.


We are so keen to invest in this, but money is a little tight. Can we arrange a payment plan?

Of course! I completely understand that's a large investment for most families. I can set up a payment plan custom to your needs. Get in touch and we can work out the details.


Can I use popular music For my video?

Here’s a common misconception that if you’re just creating a film for your own personal archives, then you can just use any old song you find on iTunes and you’re all good, but that’s simply not true. If you want to use music in your films and share them online you MUST buy a license.