Who’s with me? I take a ton of cell videos of my son, which go on my computer to hide. Our parents didn’t have enough video; we have a ton of unedited clips.

Your kids will be your age one day & when they are, they could have an edited film to show their own kids their life when they were little.

A family film will be something that you throw on the big screen during birthday parties, weddings, and all kinds of wonderful milestones to come.

Today is the last day your kids will ever be this little. Tomorrow they are just a little bit bigger. Next week, next month, next year, it just keeps going. Get a professional film of them no matter what their age is, with you in it! You'll thank yourself in 30 years. And your kid will too.

What are the things that happen in your everyday life right now that you know will be different this time next year, or that make you smile?

Hearing your baby’s voice, laugh and interacting with your family on film, transports you back to a moment in time in a different way than a photo.
— Tenille Villebrun