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Let me introduce myself, I am Tenille Villebrun… I once had a South African accent, but I can’t even imitate it anymore.

I have edited a ton of promo videos and TV show trailers until I had my son, who inspired a switch up, and I became a family filmmaker.

I am a firm believer that Sushi should be a food group, I love listening to people’s stories, and I am Mom by day, and a #filmboss by night.

And spoiler: I am an editor first; videographer second, because I believe editing is more than a montage of pretty shots to music, it’s about documenting YOUR story and capturing all the little moments, voices, and laughs that make your family YOURS.


Imagine your great grand-kids being able to see how you all interacted back in 2019.

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It all started when I accidentally signed up for the wrong class in high school. That video editing class led me to film school, and after graduating in 2009, I started Bottega Creative, a successful promo video company now led by my better half, Justin.

But film is in my veins. After giving birth to my son Jax in 2018, I had the ah-ha moment to put a twist on family photography, and capture these fleeting moments on film—not just for myself, but for all of us because I know it’s not easy. And so, Bebe (beh-bey) Films was born.


This isn’t about filming and editing—it’s about telling your story. We’ll capture all the small moments and the big love you have for your little’s, from milestone birthdays to the tickles and kisses in between. And when you watch (and rewatch… and rewatch…) your film, it’ll take you back to this chapter of your story. It’s unfolding right now—let’s document it!



Accidentally wrote the wrong course code and ended up in a film/design class instead-screw being a forensic scientist…



Graduated Film School at Sheridan - specialized in editing & documentary.



Started a promo video company where I edited TV trailers, commercials and promo videos :). My hubby runs it now!



My Son is born, and I am introduced to Newborn Photography, and that’s when I have an AH-HA moment. I can create family films, and still be able to Mom-it-up!



Launched Bebe Films. I love creating these memory films for families. I love that these films are meaningful to my clients and will be watched forever.


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