Hey I’m Tenille Villebrun

i’m a mom, a wife & a filmmaker.

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I know first-hand the chaos of being a new mom. You don’t have time to shower, let alone edit all those videos of your kids from your cellphone.

My husband will vouch for me that every year I make an Apple photo album and, after our trips, I always create a montage video. I accidentally discovered video editing in high school when I signed up for the wrong class, but that led me to film school, which led me to start Bottega Creative, a promo video company, in 2009.

So add together nostalgia, a career in video and now being a mother. I get a strong feeling of wanting to capture the essence of right-now as a young family to look back on in the future. However, I don’t just want to tell our story…

When I work with your family, it’s about more than just a film session for me. It’s genuinely about learning your story and creating a video that shows the deep connection you have with the family you built without having to stage anything or “act.” The Mom’s and Dad’s tend to feel a strong connection to their home and their families near and far, and want to share and preserve memories that can be handed down to their children and their children's children. 

If you’re into capturing your right-now, I would love to connect with you!