Because today is the last day they’ll ever be this little.

Life is fleeting—especially with littles. It’s time to stop imprisoning your memories on your phone, and create a film you’ll never want to stop watching.



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Why Film?

Remember when Mom or Dad would pull out the VHS camcorder on special occasions?
Dad would go handheld, and Mom would be bashful and say, "stop filming," but aren't you glad they didn't?! Otherwise, how could you share these few special videos with your partner or kids?

The key word is few—VHS/Tapes weren't cheap, but you know what is? Digital memory.

So yes, we are capturing little moments on our phones, but let's be honest - where are your videos from 5 years ago? Even last year? We quickly fill up space, then upload to our computer to "one day be sorted or edited," and repeat.

Your kids will be your age one day & when they are, they will thank-you for giving them an edited film to show their own kids, when they were little, and “Grandma and Grandpa” were younger.


One of my regrets is not getting a wedding video because it was not in our budget. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with our new babe! The film Tenille created was more than we could have ever imagined. We watch our film weekly; it’s such an amazing keepsake!
— Lea (Newborn Keepsake Film)


Types of Films


‘Cake SmasH’
Film Session

Omg! I am just sitting here bawling!!! Holy Sh*ttt. This is a perfect little snippet of exactly who Milo is, i’m dying.
— Lacey

‘Mini Keepsake’
Film Session

All I can say is WOW! Even with my shy husband, she brought him alive. Pics are beautiful but films are magic!
— Avery

Film Session

Voices and interactions with your fam on film transports you back to a moment in time in a different way than a photo.
— Tenille

Film Session

From the moment Tenille stepped into our home she made it easy to feel relaxed while filming. We love what she created!
— Ashley

With the cuteness overloads, and the chaos of being a parent, it's hard to find time for yourself—let alone knowing what to do with your recorded video clips.

I'm here to help you create a memory to throw on the big screen during birthdays, weddings, & all kinds of wonderful milestones to come.

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