family films

Because they’re only little once.

Fast forward to 2050, and your child is now a parent, and you’re a Grandma (OMG)!

Your grandchild loves watching the film you made in 2019, and seeing her Mom getting thrown in the air by Grandpa. And because she has no filter, says “Grandma, your face used to be so smooth!” and giggles, “Uncle used to sound like a girl!!”

This film will become one of your family heirlooms and get more valuable with time.


↟Press, play, pause & rewind, on a un-posed film of your family༄

These films capture the celebrated moments, but also the in-between moments, because blink; they’re gone


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A little about me.


It’s like your own Reality show, but without the scripted drama.

Deep breath: You and your family will not feel awkward on camera the whole time, promise. I know it can feel weird being on camera, but I’m here to make you feel comfortable on and off camera. We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, we’ll have fun. It’ll feel more like an average day with a familiar friend (who happens to be holding a camera).

I won’t bore you with my history of being in the video world, but if you’re curious, you can click to read more here.

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Document the essence of your little human(s),

You know like when your little mimics you, and they keep repeating the sentence because it keeps you laughing?

All films include 12 doc style stills.

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“Dad, you can’t have dessert until

you eat your lunch!”



Fear not: I’m not just going to show up and wing it. I’m going to get to know you and your family before I ever press that record button. We’ll meet for a virtual coffee date or in-person, so you can tell me all about your family, their personalities, likes and dislikes, so I go in feeling like an old friend.

tenille@bebefilms.com | 778 873 1853


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